Terms & Conditions

The site terms are pretty simple. 

  1. Don't be a dick. Unless your name is Dick. Then it's ok. 

  2. Do be 18 or over.

  3. Don't break the law.

    1. Do know the laws which apply to your State. We will help you by making certain fields required. 

    2. Don't try to buy/sell things you're not licenced for.

    3. Your listings must include your licence number and the serial number of the firearm, as well as the dealer you're planning to use. 

  4. Be smart. Don't give your address out to any numpty who asks. Meet somewhere safe if you're meeting to show someone firearms, or meet them at the gun shop where you're doing the transfer.

People breaking the rules may have their ads removed, be banned, and/or be reported to police. 


Important note for people who care about such things:

To avoid any confusion, not that there was any, but just in case: We are not "Free Gun Sales", which is a business registered by someone else AFTER we created this website and started using the name, in an attempt to block us from offering free listings - we are in fact Free Gun Classifieds and our websites are freegunsales.com.aufreegunclassifieds.com.au and freegunads.com.au


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