About Us

Sometimes you do something as a hobby, or just for yourself, and opening it up to everyone else to benefit from doesn’t add all that much to it. You were going to do it anyway, so throwing it up online for others ... why not?  That’s how we got Getlost Maps, which provides free topographic maps and has had millions of them downloaded for free.
But sometimes something is just so easy, so quick, and costs so little to do that it SHOULD BE FREE. Once you realise how little it takes to make it happen, it makes you feel bad that anyone has to pay for it.  That’s how we got here.
Unlike other sites, I don’t want your date of birth, your address, I don’t want your credit card information or your star sign - I don’t even need your full name if you don’t want to put it in - I don’t want any more personal information than you legally have to provide to list your gun for sale.
This is not a business. You are not a product.
You’re just someone looking to sell or buy a gun or something related. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to list it, for free, online? The big online sales sites like eBay and Gumtree won’t take your ad. Other sites want to charge you for the privilege, if not now, then later on once they have enough listings to draw a crowd. Around here, I'm happy enough that you have the extra $25 you would have spent on an ad to spend on something else instead. Use it to throw some fuel in the car and go bush or something. 
I just want you to be able to list guns for free, somewhere that isn’t a business trying to get something out of you. That’s what I wanted to do, to list some guns for sale for nothing, so I figured maybe you might want to do that too.
So the problems I'm trying to solve here include:
  1. I reckon you should be able to advertise your guns FOR FREE, just like selling a toaster. Not free-for-a-limited time, not free to post then you pay later, not cheap ... FREE.
  2. I want to be able to upload high-resolution images, not the tiny pictures some sites restrict you to, and lots of them, not just one or even few.
  3. I want to be able to post your own ads. Then edit them yourself. Then take them down yourself. Not wait for people to do it for you.
  4. I don't want to wait for ads to be approved by a human. I want them live when I post them.
  5. I want to be able to register an account and get posting or buying in under 30 seconds with no excess personal information handed over, just the minimum by law.

So that's what I've done.

  1. It's free. It will always be free. It's in the title. It's in the URL. Free.
  2. You can upload massive images; a dozen of them. 
  3. You are in control. You post your own ads, you take them down. If I see you've not put in the required info to make it legal I'll make it inactive until you fix it, but that's it. 
  4. All ads go live as soon as you submit them. They come down as soon as you delete them.
  5. You register, the verification email arrives almost instantly, you click it and you're done. You start posting. That's it. 

To keep this whole thing legal we follow the rules and include:

Oh, and one more thing...

To avoid any confusion, not that there was any, but just in case: We are not "Free Gun Sales", which is a business registered by someone else AFTER we created this website and started using the name - we are in fact Free Gun Classifieds and our websites are freegunsales.com.au, freegunclassifieds.com.au and freegunads.com.au.


FreeGunSales.com.au - Buy and sell Guns and related items in Australia - for free.